About Us

Our Services:

* Surgical Items Home Service,
* Oxygen Cylinder Home Service,
* Nursing Care At Home – Covid-Non Covid Patient,
* Patient Care Attendant Home Service – Covid-Non Covid Patient,
* Physiotherapy Home Service,
* Doctor Home Visit,
* Neuro Patient Care Home Service,
* Baby Care At Home,
* Old Age Care At Home,
* Ambulance Service,
* Physical & Emotional Issues Management,
* Caring Traumatic Injuries & Palliative Care,
* Managing Dementia,
* Parkinson & Alzheimer’s disease patients,
* First Aid & Emergencies,
* Common Elderly Physical & Mental Conditions,
* Pregnancy, Maternity & Neonatal Care,
* Provide Care and Support to Elderly & Caring Multiple Disabilities,
* Nutrition, Diet Plan & Food Safety,
* House Keeping Service,
* Training Centre

Contact us today to get any kind of surgical items at affordable prices. We are here 24 hours a day to meet your problems and needs like a faithful friend. Call us on the hotline and feel free to get the surgical products you need. We have our own manpower to deliver the surgical products you need anytime, anywhere.